About Chris

Chris Rosser

Chris Rosser was born in Wales in the last months of the 1970s. He migrated to Australia with his family at the age of 7. After (sort of) growing up in Melbourne's western rural fringe, he was educated at the University of Melbourne where he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in History and Archaeology, and then a Master of Arts in Editing and Communication. After uni, Chris spent the rest of 2000s working and travelling in the UK and Europe, with a brief stint in North America. Today, he lives in Ringwood, Australia with his wife and three children.

After decades of dithering, Chris finally got off his arse and published his first book in 2018. Another one followed a year after. There might be more coming...

When Chris isn't writing, or toiling away at the day job (writing for corporate America), you can find him being an opinionated tosser, and sometimes helpful member of the #WritingCommunity on Twitter.